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During a partnership that began in 2015, Finestmedia transferred the previous outdated information system of unemployment insurance to a modern, easily manageable platform and made the unemployment insurance benefit procedure at the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund fully automatic. Under the

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Mr. Ahto Saks, Administrative Director at the Chancellery of the Riigikogu (Parliament) introduces HANS, the new AI support tool for Estonian lawmakers. HANS is a new information system for transcribing the plenary sessions of the Parliament. It

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Finestmedia has become one of the most reliable and knowledgeable business transformation and development partners in the field of homeland security. Finestmedia is the proud development partner of the Estonian government helping to build and contribute homeland

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Finestmedia was chosen to deliver the global e-solution FLUX (Fisheries Language for Universal eXchange) locally in Estonia. This case study highlights the successful collaboration with the European Commission, the Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs and other EU

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How Hansapost went through a business transformation process to become a “digital-first” company and a local market leader with the help of Finestmedia. Challenge Hansapost is an e-commerce platform that offers something for the whole family. You

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The Estonian Road Administration (ERA) cut administrative costs, improved traffic safety and eased the life of Estonian drivers in a drastic manner, in just a few years. This change was possible by going through a digital transformation

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Estonia is famed for its digital society and has received praise for its innovative e-solutions by many international organisations such as UNESCO, Forbes or the CNBC. One of the key elements to its digital eminence has been