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We’re a door you can knock on when you’re looking for a great place to work and when you want to get your online business operating as smoothly as possible.

Head office

Finestmedia AS
Tartu mnt 80D, 10112, Tallinn, Eesti
Registration number: 10714404
Phone: (+372) 655 8043

Email addresses

Polish office

Finestmedia Sp. z o.o.
Olivia Business Centre,
Olivia Star O4, Al.Grunwaldzka 472
80-309 Gdańsk Poland
Registration number: 0000706659
Phone: (+48) 506 017 520

Where to find us?

Our office is in the historical Fahle Quarter in Tallinn – look for us on the 2nd floor at Tartu mnt 80d.
Entry is from the courtyard, where parking is available. Parking needs to be registered electronically in our office.