About us


Getting things done is easy!

Making complicated projects easy is something we’ve been doing for decades. A wide range of solutions that make people’s every-day lives easier started out on the desktops of Finestmedia’s development teams. They cover everything from modern payment solutions and secure, large-scale e-commerce systems to sales and purchase transactions for cars; from the renewal of driver’s licences and a self-teaching stenographic records system to the streamlining of the everyday work of the government.

We enjoy work that’s exciting, meaningful, and creates value. Over the years, our teams have crafted many e-state solutions and business plans that continue to work perfectly today. As a result, we’ve no false modesty: we’re only too happy to say that software we’ve developed is capable of handling even the most important tasks. And working with us makes it all easy.

Finestmedia is a leading software systems development and consulting company with operations in Estonia and Poland. The work processes we implement allow us to guarantee that we achieve the best results that meet the customer’s expectations and requirements, fulfill the promises we make, and also ensure secure processing of data.

We follow the best practices of information security and implement appropriate and adequate security measures. Finestmedia has joined the “Best Practices for Secure Software Development” manifesto compiled by the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications, and we do our best to follow these guidelines and best practices in our work processes, procedures, and routines.

When providing our services, we carefully check and select our suppliers and cooperation partners to ensure their compatibility with our quality and information security requirements. We value long-term relationships with our suppliers and partners.

2012. Since February 2012, Finestmedia’s production and service processes have been compliant and certified with the ISO 9001 quality system and since December 2019 with the ISO 27001 information security management system.

Finestmedia is proud to have been named Estonia’s Gazelle of the Year in  2020  and  2021 . Gazelles are companies that have posted four years of sustained revenue growth, that have profits of more than 50%, that create more new jobs than other companies and that bear the hallmarks of rapidly developing companies: speed, boldness, and flexibility. Less than 1% of all Estonian companies qualify as gazelles.

Finestmedia has been awarded the Remote-Friendly badge. As a flexible employer, we implement the principles of hybrid work, based on which our staff can choose for themselves when, where, and how they do their jobs.

Finestmedia has been awarded the “Supporter of National Defence” award, which is intended for institutions and persons who support Estonian public defenders primarily by supporting their participation in training gatherings, thereby contributing to Estonia’s national defence in general.


Getting things done is easy!

We’re no longer just a tech firm with talented specialists, but a strategic partner to the state and private companies that want to stay one step ahead of what’s going on in the world.
We’re in it with you for the long haul, and we never leave our clients alone with their problems. We know what our clients expect of us and appreciate the trust they place in us, but at the same time, we strive to make working with us a fun experience for everyone involved. Curiosity and a playful approach to trying out solutions are important parts of that cooperation. Finestmedia is a company people turn to when their organisation has specific development needs or a vision of something with the potential to change the world.
We’re a door you can knock on when you’re looking for a great place to work and when you want to get your online business operating as smoothly as possible.

Meet our team

Advisory Board
I joined Finestmedia in 2005. Since then I’ve been involved in just about all of the company’s biggest product development projects and I’ve seen it become a rock-steady business and IT partner to the state and to ambitious companies.

Priit Penjam

Chairman of the Advisory Board
My entire career has been in ICT sector. I like the diversity my work offers, and the chance it gives me to constantly learn and experience new things. And I love the inspiration and motivation that comes from working with such a great team.

Jan Urva

Chief Executive Officer

My passion, when it comes to work, is fostering enterprise. I love fast-paced environments and working with people. I’ve headed up small projects and projects worth billions, and I like the challenges those different scales present.

Soren Hejnfelt

Chief Business Development Officer
The way I see it, grasping challenges and business goals is the first step on the path to solutions and changes. That’s something I keep in mind all the time when I’m dealing with clients. To me, shared success is the most solid basis for good, long-term business relations.

Paweł Stachewicz

Country Manager of Poland
The majority of my 20-year career has seen me taking the lead on projects in both the public and private sectors that have been more complex than average, so becoming a business unit manager was the logical next step for me. What I like in my work is that everything’s so well thought out. As the saying goes, think before you speak!

Raivo Rang

Business Unit Manager

Ulvi Olivares Kaiva

Business Unit Manager
I joined Finestmedia in 2020. I’d previously worked in IT project sales, but here I found myself immersed in the exciting world of e-commerce. I help companies take their online trading to the next level, boosting their sales volumes and the quality of their customer service.

Rauno Raid

Business Unit Manager
I started out in Finestmedia in 2009, and the intervening years have seen me grow from a project manager into a business unit manager. My work here has taught me to keep my cool even in complicated situations. I do my best to inspire the people I work with and to get us working together to achieve our goals.

Lauri Esko

Business Unit Manager
As a manager, I focus on ensuring the team’s well-being and development, showing my appreciation for them, and giving them my support. I love it when I see effective cooperation result in progressive change and people growing together. It’s a real incentive to hold on to what we’ve got while still pushing forward.

Anneli Undrest

Business Unit Manager
HR & Marketing
I have been part of keeping the Finestmedia team growing for over 10 years. When it comes to choosing team members, one of the main factors has always been the person him/herself rather than the actual work experience. Finestmedia is not just a company or a workplace, but one team working towards a common goal.

Kadri Lepik

HR Manager
I’m the first point of contact in Finestmedia for new talent. To me, the first impression you get of and give to someone and the first time you talk to them are the most important parts of the recruitment process, since they forge such a strong bond going forward. And valuing the team members you already have is every bit as important as searching out new talent.

Kati Hink

Talent Acquisition Partner
| I’m convinced that what you need more than anything else for strategically smart marketing is cooperation – it ensures that your brand’s attractive, that your employees and clients are satisfied, and that your business results grow. That’s the approach we take in Finestmedia.

Berit Grossberg

Head of Marketing
I’ve been with Finestmedia since the very beginning. It’s been an exciting and supportive place to work all these years and has given me so much professional development. We’ve grown alongside each other, me, and the company, learning along the way, including looking for new solutions. I’m always happy to come to work in the morning, and I’m always happy when I head home at the end of the day, too.

Leelo Annus

| I joined the Finestmedia team in 2010, and it’s such a great place that the years have just flown by. What’s important to me in my work is that everything’s precise, accurate, and well organised. Analytical thinking and the ability to truly listen to others are crucial as well.

Agnes Kuusalu

Public Procurement Specialist

Enjoy everyday

Working at Finestmedia offers joy every day. Our doors are always open to talented people who want to learn, are not afraid to make mistakes, and have already proven themselves on other projects. More than anything, we value passion and the ability to see opportunities instead of obstacles.