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Finestmedia is a ​strategic digital transformation partner and a leading Baltic/Nordic ICT company, founded in 2000. Client services include expert consultation services and IT-solutions such as: e-government infrastructure solutions, government registries and databases, e-service and self-service environments and more. Finestmedia offers expert business analysis, creative engineering and reliable support for smooth operations; both for the public and the private sector.


Gazelle Company 2020
Finestmedia has received Gazelle Company 2020 & 2021 recognition. Over three years, gazelle-companies have increased their turnover and profits by more than 50%, creating the most jobs and carrying the characteristics of a fast-growing company – flexibility, speed, courage. Only less than 1% of Estonian companies are gazelles.


Finestmedia is recognized teleworking employer offering flexibility for employees to choose their own hybrid work pattern: remote, in the office or a mix of both. Read more from here.
I joined Finestmedia team in 2005 and have participated in almost all of the bigger product development projects conducted by Finestmedia as development manager and member of the board. My main strength is the integral perception of the commercial needs and limitations versus technological possibilities and complications. This helps us to find effective solutions in seemingly extremely complicated situations. On a number of projects the cooperation with a client has continued long after the primary software planning and development phase is over; for example, I also work today as a member of the council for both Maksekeskus AS and Alexela Energia AS.

Priit Penjam

Chief Executive Officer
Throughout my professional career I have been one way or the other connected to the ICT field of the public sector. For many years I have been in the role of a client in the public sector as well as in the role of the systems developer in the private sector. The versatility of the tasks in the ICT sector keeps me motivated, it always presents an opportunity to learn and experience something new. The satisfaction from the completion of something important motivates me again and again.

Jan Urva

Chief Operating Officer
I love fast paced environments and working with people. I'm passionate about business development, motorcycles and climbing mountains. A generalist by nature I've worked in multiple industries and carry a broad wealth of experience. I've been part of managing everything from no revenue projects to tens of billions of dollars yearly cash flow. All sizes have their individual challenges. I love traveling and have explored some 80 countries and all inhabited continents. This all contributes to a strong analytical mindset with focus on chasing acceleration in business through judging all possible solutions.

Søren Hejnfelt

Chief Business Development Officer
I joined Finestmedia in 2020, but before that I already had more than five years of experience in IT project sales. Selling IT projects is nothing new to me, but e-commerce is. An area where volumes are growing every day and where meeting customer expectations is becoming more and more complex. My ambition is to help and consult companies who want to take their e-commerce business to the next level, both in terms of sales volumes and quality of customer service.
Understanding properly the challenges and the business goals is the first step to think about a solution that brings the desirable change. The discussion how some little and big changes can influence the overall outcome is a fantastic opportunity to find extra value which I’m always trying to add. Common success is the best possible foundation for a good and a longterm business relationship.

Paweł Stachewicz

Country Manager (Poland)
I started my career at Finestmedia in 2009 and during that time I have grown a lot with the company - from project manager to division manager. Over the years, I have learned to stay balanced in the midst of very diverse and complex situations, to understand the client's business and to offer solutions. In my work I consider it important to encourage people involved and everyone to make a joint contribution to achieving a set of goals. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing these joint efforts leading to the results that customers are happy with.

Lauri Esko

Team Manager
I have over 15 years of experience as a manager. The majority of the projects I have been involved with are large scaled and above average in complexity, both in private and public sector. As a natural next step in my career I decided to move towards team management. As an individual I like to take time to think and work things through before making a decision. As the Estonian saying goes: „First think, then say it“.

Raivo Rang

Team Manager
The basis of every successful business, is it`s people. People, who feel appreciated. As a Team Lead, I support my people in their development journey. I value positive impact and growth achieved together. This is what gives me the energy to hold on and strength to move forward as well. I feel empowered to be close to our partners and support them through high level services with our team. Real value is made from cooperation if the team`s “puzzle” creates a whole.

Anneli Undrest

Team Manager
Using my previous experience as a project manager and product owner in the public and private sector companies, both as a client and a contractor, I focus on providing customers with well-thought-out high-quality solutions. I have worked in the IT field for over 8 years, 5 of which have been dedicated to the implementation of Agile methodology. Challenging work keeps my motivation high and diversity keeps me focused. „Keep calm & put it on the backlog“

Mark Rebane

Team Manager
I have been part of keeping the Finestmedia Finestmedia team growing for over 10 years now and the IT-world has become very familiar for me during the time. When it comes to choosing team members, one of the main factors has always been the person him or herself rather than the number of years worked or the technologies used in previous projects. Finestmedia is not just a company or workplace, but a united team working towards a common goal.

Kadri Lepik

Head of Human Relations
In my daily work, I am the first contact of a new potential talents at Finestmedia and thereby also the designer and ambassador of the company´s reputation. I am convinced that first impression and initial interview with the candidate are the most important aspects of the recruitment process and create a strong bond for the future. My mission is to contribute to the search for new talents that match the company´s values, but not less important is for me to retain and value existing team members. In my work and private life I am supported by a positive attitude, a friendly smile, a great deal of empathy and respect for others and myself. These values have flown me to a soulful and challenging IT sector today.
As a professional, I follow the principle that even the smallest details must be performed with with high quality quality. Before joining Finestmedia, I was involved in project quality management. Joining the Finestmedia team provided me an opportunity for new and exciting challenges: I am immersed in a world of information security, where bad guys do not sleep and the defense strategy must always be in place.

Anneli Ustav

Quality & Information Security Officer (maternity leave)
I joined Finestmedia from the moment it was founded. Together, we’ve had an undeniably exciting, supportive and a developing journey. We have grown together, which is the reason for constant self-improvement and a quest for new solutions. A person is happy when one comes to work happy in the morning and leaves happy in the evening. This is exactly the case when working at Finestmedia.

Leelo Annus

I have been a member of the Finestmedia team since 2010 – time flies in a pleasant working atmosphere. In my work, it is important to be organized and precise, but at the same time I need to have good analytical and listening skills.

Agnes Kuusalu

Public Procurement Assistant

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Our Polish office is located in the heart of the business district of Gdańsk, on the O4 Building in the Olivia Business Center. If necessary, you may ask for more instructions from the lobby.

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