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Jan Urva June 22, 2020 0 Comments

The Finestmedia team has started working from 1st of June 2020 in its new offices located in the cradle of Estonian industrial history – Fahle Quarter’s fast-growing business complex.

Chief Operating Officer of the company Jan Urva says the key consideration in selecting the location for the new office was the chance to sculpt the distinctive personality of the buildings of Fahle Park into a modern functional working environment. Other factors included the quarter’s development potential, accessibility and good parking options.

“We were able to have a say in the details of the construction process,” said Urva, “and thanks to that, the layout of our new office completely meets our needs and expectations. Finestmedia’s spacious new base, which extends through two storeys, accommodates offices of various sizes with two to 12 workstations each, six conference rooms and three rooms for making phone calls without distractions. There is also a kitchen and a large comfortable lounge area. The open layout of the offices and the second floor provides workstations for 130 employees and thus takes into account future growth of the Finestmedia team.”

According to Urva, Fahle Park’s development vision was also important for Finestmedia. “The industrial complex located on the banks of the historical Härjapea River, on the site of a former paper mill, will offer office space to many blue-chip-type companies,” he said. “A glass gallery will turn the quarter into an integrated whole, hopefully housing an atmospheric cooperative space with places to eat and greenery. The first impressions vindicate the long wait – the comfortable, cosy office space in a fast-developing business quarter has increased our personnel’s satisfaction and is sure to appeal to future team members as well.”

According to Sven Mihailov, member of the board of developer Fausto Capital, the company is pleased to be handing over the offices in the newly completed Fahle Park to their newest tenant, noting that they see Finestmedia as a top-flight company.

“We have made great efforts with our team to create high-quality, inspiring places to work,” Mihailov said, “and it’s very encouraging to see our labour bear its first fruits in the form of satisfied tenants. We wish Finestmedia a long upward trajectory in their new office!”

Fahle Park is a novel approach to a business park in the city centre of Tallinn, offering companies innovative A+ office solutions that boast unique architecture. Besides contemporary office space, Fahle features restaurants, entertainment venues, sports clubs and many other amenities. All of Fahle’s historical and modern office buildings are connected by a modern glass-covered gallery, enclosing a green park-like environment, rest areas and restaurants with terraces.

The core of the Fahle Quarter is made up of heritage buildings with limestone facades built from 1909-1913 which were designed by Estonia’s most prominent Jugendstil master Jacques Rosenbaum and which are being renovated with maximum fidelity to the original architecture. The unique environment will be supplemented by new high-rise buildings and a park-like environment that stays green and warm all year around. The goal is to create a timelessly stylish quarter where the distinguished old and innovative new merge into a cohesive whole. The first phases of Fahle Park will be completed in full in 2020, during the course of which the former manufacturing buildings lining Tartu Highway will get a distinguished renovation in line with the surrounding areas and be handed over to tenants.