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Jan Urva 18 października, 2019 0 Comments

Finestmedia has become one of the most reliable and knowledgeable business transformation and development partners in the field of homeland security.

Finestmedia is the proud development partner of the Estonian government helping to build and contribute homeland security systems that help strengthen the sense of security for Estonian citizens and people who are visiting Estonia. Since 2015, Finestmedia has contributed nearly 50 000 man hours into cooperation with the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, Estonian Rescue Board, Emergency Response Centre through IT and Development Centre of the Ministry of the Interior.

Finestmedia has proved itself as a reliable partner that fulfils its commitments professionally 

Mr. Jaan Kask, Head of Software Development Domain, SMIT

National Solutions of Central Systems of European Union

Finestmedia has lots of experience in integrating the national registries and data layers to international platforms for an effective exchange of information. One of our projects included the development of Visa Information System (VIS) components of coordinating visa applications (KAIS/KOMET) that allows profiling and a needs-based background check of the applicant through different registries. Our developers and testers were also included in the team that upgraded the Estonian interface of the Schengen information system (SIS II) in order to exchange fugitive information (people, vehicles, documents etc) between Estonian registries and the central Schengen platform.

Furthermore, Finestmedia participated in the development of the Booking Information System (BRIIS) which the police and border guard uses to manage flight passengers booking information and personal data (Passenger Name Records or PNR collected by airlines) in order to be able to guarantee a security, apprehend criminals and restrict the spread of organised crime. The platform is used in all EU countries as well as many of the biggest third countries. It is linked with internal and international security databases on order to identify additional connections in cases of suspected serious crime or terrorism.

Police & Internal Security Domain

Finestmedia developed the innovative video processing of traffic violations needed to increase the speed of processing data in police vehicles. Instead of filling out papers, the testimonies are recorded directly in police operative vehicle, remain as an evidence for specific violations, and are stored centrally within police databases and registries. Video material is treated equal to written testimonies by the Estonian police and courts.

Finestmedia also participated in the development of the proceedings data system with the aim to assemble all information related to police processes into a coherent registry allowing more effective and faster execution of police work and supervision.

As a result, the information system POLIS was upgraded to an innovative service-based architecture. The POLIS information system provides a working environment for the conduct of administrative and prosecution proceedings.

Another challenge successfully executed by the Finestmedia team was the development of the digitalised proceeding of civilian weapons permit, which assembles information regarding applicants, weapons’ merchants, the police and supervisory authority together into one e-environment. Digital proceeding also created the possibility of check the status of the issued civilian weapons permit in real time.

Rescue & Emergency Domain

Finestmedia has enjoyed a challenging and meaningful partnership where we have helped to improve the capacity of the Estonian rescue service and make sure that help arrives to those who need it as fast as possible. We carried out the development and maintenance of the GIS-112 solution for emergency call centre including improvements in registering and processing the emergency calls and organising the resources to respond to the emergency situation, as well as the applications of the mobile workspace in the rescue and ambulance trucks.

Our team helped to develop the new rescue information system SOS to manage rescue and ambulance resources and emergency events. The system allows staffing the teams in operational readiness for rescue work as well as the rescue vehicles and forwarding this information to the information system of the emergency call centre as well as forwarding the information regarding emergencies to prevention and supervision units.

Citizenship & Migration Domain

In the field of identification and population operations, we conducted the analysis and development of the Registry of Identification Documents ITDAK in order to ensure any person currently on the state territory has been identified according to available information and their personal identification data is retained.

We participated in the analysis and development of personal identification and procedure information system UUSIS assembling among other things the following databases and functionalities:

  • residence permits and work permits;
  • national registry of entry bans;
  • database of foreigners who have stayed in Estonia without legal grounds.

The system helps identify a person, determine their legal status, issue identification documents and conduct migration supervision proceedings and in addition to institutions of internal security, the information needs to be accessible also to banks, notaries and other authorities.

Furthermore, Finestmedia managed the analysis and development of the system for managing information regarding illegal immigrants, which supports the identification of the citizens from third countries staying in Estonia (and Schengen area) without legal grounds and organisation of the documentation and proceedings for their return. We integrated the national database of granting international protection (RAKS) with newly developed platform Illegaal2 by our team. This integration seeks to facilitate the processing of granting international protection for illegal immigrants.

Another partnership where the Finestmedia team of experts contributed into was the development of the Estonian population registry’s citizen portal, which resulted in launching a user-friendly intuitive environment to offer state services both on computer as well as on one’s smartphone. The services which are accessible in the platform much faster and with lower costs, include:

  • the notices of residence,
  • viewing one’s data in the registries and finding errors in one’s data,
  • issuing notices on life events,
  • name inquiry to register a birth
  • inquiry of electorate,
  • inquiry of using personal
  • data (data monitoring) and many others.

IT and Development Centre (SMIT), Ministry of the Interior of Estonia is the largest IT agency in the country that creates and maintains information systems for life-saving and internal security. SMIT provides development and management of information systems related to internal security to the Police and Border Guard Board, Rescue Board, Emergency Response Centre, Academy of the Interior and the Ministry of the Interior. SMIT provides to their customers with radio and voice communications, and their support team receives calls from police, rescuers, and officers around the clock. SMIT provides ICT services in nearly 400 locations all over Estonia.