Estonia has transformed itself into one of Europe’s business success stories of the last decade, mainly thanks to the sophisticated e-solutions available here. “e-Estonia” is a term commonly used to describe Estonia’s emergence as one of the most advanced e-societies in the world – an incredible success story that grew out of a partnership between a forward-thinking government, a pro-active ICT sector and a switched-on, tech-savvy population (source: e-estonia.com).

We are proud to belong into Estonian ICT society and take part in creating e-Estonia. We implement solutions that will fulfill your needs and requirements from the idea and preliminary analysis to the deployment and management of the implemented system. We enjoy solving complicated tasks, which present different challenges for the whole development team and which can be looked back on after implementation with pride and satisfaction.

Our portfolio includes the following types of services

Infrastructure of the e-government

Whether creating business-to-business or government-to-business solutions, these solutions rely on infrastructure like the X-Road and eID. Our team has long-term experience in developing the infrastructure components necessary for the functioning of the e-estonia. We have developed public key infrastructure (PKI) components (authenticating and signing with the ID-card/Mobile-ID on both computer and mobile platforms, Europe-wide eID solution STORK, control applications of e-voting), X-Road data exchange layer services, and infrastructure components of document exchange centre (DEC).

The infrastructure components are the foundation of the e-government. Our focus here is primarily on stability, usability and reliability, where no compromises can be made on quality. Openness, universality, independence from technical platforms, and standardisation are all very important parameters when it comes to the solutions we create.

Governmental registers and databases

When it comes to the systems, registers and databases necessary for the functioning of the e-government, the business needs and work processes of the public sector and possible technical solutions that support them are in the focus of the development work. At the same time, we are happily contributing our past experience to make the patterns of functioning and business processes of the sector more transparent, clearer and efficient.

Developing an existing or a new system does not only mean transcribing a solution from the paper-world into the digital environment for us. We are guided by the principle that by involving ICT, the concept of the whole field of activity must, as a rule, be looked over with a fresh pair of eyes and thought through. Technology does offer many new opportunities, but also brings with it new obligations, risks and dangers, which must be taken into account already while planning the system.

E-services and self-service environments

Developing comfortable and ingenious business-to-business or government-to-business e-services and self-service environments targeted at the citizens and residents of the country is the most visible and important part of the e-government, in which Finestmedia team has enthusiastically participated.

We create user-friendly and value-adding solutions, which use opportunities offered by technology, help discover new possibilities, and raise the effectiveness of the public sector, in collaboration with our clients in the public sector. Self-service environments enable to facilitate the use of public sector e-services more and more and, through this, automate work processes and simplify the dealings with the state. We enjoy challenges, which derive from devising and creating new exciting solutions.

Selection of our references

Estonian State Portal

The state portal eesti.ee is a central service environment, which mediates different services to citizens, entrepreneurs, and public servants. The state portal guarantees a fast and simple access to public information and services from one place. Finestmedia is a long-term development and maintenance partner of the portal and the central core components related to it.

Estonian Research Portal

Estonian Research Portal (ETIS) is a national register, which assembles the data related to Estonian research and development activities into a coherent whole. The purpose of ETIS is to guarantee the services related to applying, processing, reporting, and monitoring necessary for financing research and development activity and give a statistical overview of research activities in Estonia.

IS of Verbatim Records

Information System of Verbatim Records is the technical environment created for the compiling and publishing of the recorded sessions, speeches, inquiries, and other verbatim records of the Riigikogu (Parliament) of the Republic of Estonia. The system enables the compiling of the verbatim records of the Riigikogu’s sessions, proofreading, attendance control, publication of voting results, and data publication on the Riigikogu’s public website.


  • Estonian Road Administration
  • Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board
  • Chancellery of the Riigikogu
  • Environment Agency
  • Estonian Ministry of Education and Research
  • Information Technology Foundation for Education
  • Estonian Research Council
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund
  • Agency of Medicines
  • Information System Authority
  • IT and Development Centre of the Ministry of the Interior
  • Estonian National Electoral Committee
Lembi Treumuth
Public Procurement Manager
For most part of my professional life I have mainly worked in area of public procurement and legal issues related to it. The opportunity to see the public procurement from both sides, the side of contracting authority and the side of the tenderer, has given me a better understanding of the public procurement process in general and above all made me see the importance of public-private partnerships in order to conduct a successful procurement.

Phone: +372 5667 0621
E-mail: lembi.treumuth@finestmedia.ee