The business landscape is changing; e-commerce is growing by more than a third in a year. We know what is happening and we have the experience you need in order to start a business in an e-channel. Our consultants have advised hundreds of webshops in Estonia and Finland, we train web merchants, help with business development, and conduct mappings for our clients to understand their needs and possibilities in web business.

Finestmedia is a company that offers its clients solutions covering all the aspects of e-commerce. Our main strengths besides creating webshops are implementing different background solutions and integrations related to e-commerce.

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Our portfolio includes the following services of the e- commerce field

Mapping the concept

The purchasing behaviour of the customer has changed. The customer wants to communicate to the company the same way via all the channels, regardless of whether he or she is looking for something on a smartphone, visiting the so-called concrete shop, browsing the company’s website on a computer or calling the customer service on the phone.

A successful dive into e-commerce necessitates the company to look over its entire business and, if needed, to change it. Without a clear concept, the webshop is left on its own and the overall offer of the company does not meet the customers’ expectations. If the company’s entire organisation does not support the webshop, the webshop cannot support the company either. The concept mapping project helps a company to determine the complete strategy of its e-commerce:
  • What is the e-shop’s role in the entire company?
  • What are the strategy and success factors of the company’s e-commerce?
  • Which internal and external roles of the company are connected to e-commerce?
  • Which existing and new solutions must be tied to e-commerce and which data needs to be moved?
As a result of the project the mapping document is created along with a roadmap, which outlines the necessary technical and company’s organisational changes on a timeline.

Creating the webshop

The most important objective of a webshop is to be an effective marketing channel, which gives an overview of the company’s products, services and campaigns.

The webshop must naturally also be fast, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly and secure. Additionally, a webshop must have a good search engine and product filtering. Today, these are really only hygiene factors, which the customer expects from a decent webshop by default and which do not give a big added value to the business.

The webshop has to be a living environment and the webshop’s platform must offer marketing people simple and flexible tools for creating campaigns, landing and content pages, where the marketing-related content, products and the purchasing process can smoothly be combined to form an automatically functioning whole.

The product Episerver Digital Experience Cloud meets all of these challenges, but also the more important webshop-related trends in the future like, for instance, personalising the purchasing experience, AB testing, etc.

Implementation of e-commerce-related solutions

E-commerce is, at the same time, much more than a webshop. E-commerce, as opposed to retail trade, has considerably different requirements when it comes to product info and order management.

Creating and interfacing the product info enrichment system
Product info enrichment is the most time-consuming and expensive activity for a web-merchant after creating the shop itself. In order to simplify that process, the introduction of a separate PIM (Product Information Management) product is worth considering.

The strengths of PIM, compared to, for instance, enriching the product info on the webshop’s platform, become evident when there are many products, the product info needs to be used in other parts of the company, not just in the webshop, different people handle the product info, the enriched product info has to be received and shared with business partners, etc.

Order management
Unfortunately, the order management interfaces of the existing e-shop platforms do not often meet the requirements of larger companies and it is also too expensive or complicated to change them.

Finestmedia has implemented a number of solutions, which complement the existing possibilities in the ERP and help make the order management more flexible and faster, both in the company as well as at its warehouses and partners.

Creating the interlayer of interfaces
The product info comes from one place, price and product codes from the ERP, quantities from the warehouse management software, etc.? In the course of different developments, a maze of integrations is often born, where the connections between solutions have been implemented one by one as needs have arisen. So, over the years, even the version update of a small part of the system may involve a lot of work and risks, as it has to take into account the needs of all the connected integrations and systems. But then, the company may no longer be able to react to the changes of the business world quickly enough.

The interlayer of interfaces enables to manage all the company’s integrations in one place. By using this solution, it is also possible to build a central monitoring and alarm system for integrations. Usually, the flaws occurring in solutions in production first emerge precisely in integrations and the quick discovery and solving of the problems improves the quality of customer service and raises the effectiveness of the company’s business.

Completed works


Finestmedia implemented Baltika’s webshop andmorefashion.com and the product info enrichment and order management solutions connected to this. The shop’s design was created by Okia. Andmorefashion.com won the competition E-tegu (E-deed) in 2014.


Finestmedia implemented the e-commerce concept analysis for Hansapost. According to the roadmap agreed to in the analysis, Finestmedia has implemented a number of e-commerce background solutions for Hansapost, among them the product info enrichment and order management solutions and integrations with many external partners.

Selver & Kaubamaja

Finestmedia implemented the e-commerce strategy and concept analyses for Tallinna Kaubamaja and Selver AS.


Head of e-Commerce
Chase the vision, not the money, the money will follow. A good strategy is based on a carefully compiled plan that ensures that the vision is fulfilled. I believe that at the heart of very good commerce is very good customer service, which is part of the whole company. Efficient and well-thought-out processes support very good customer service. For a long time I have worked on the clients side in the private sector and I understand the challenges in business and IT communication.

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