Finestmedia offers a good specialist interesting challenges in the form of different projects and technologies. There are opportunities to contribute to the development of Estonia’s e-state, working on big e-commerce solutions or take part in exciting start-up projects. At the same time, our team is small enough for everyone to have an opportunity to get a word in and sense their role and contribution in each undertaking. 

Open positions:

We mostly implement projects with .NET, Java and PHP technologies and, if so desired, it is possible to test oneself in several fields at a time. We have a tight-knit team, which also supports newcomers with know-how and advice. Regarding work and communication, we try to be guided by common sense and expect the same from our team. Trust between people is very important, as it enables us to offer the team flexible working conditions. The whole team has an opportunity to take part in different Finestmedia events. There is a sports club in the vicinity of our office and the braver ones can also join our small basketball team. Naturally, there are summer and winter days, Christmas parties and team events.
Finestmedia have collaborated with Work in Estonia on various foreign recruitment campaigns. We participated in Career Hunt 2018 and 2019, and with help and support from EAS, have met and found top talents for complex IT positions.
Kadri Lepik
I have participated in the keeping and growing of the Finestmedia team for over eight years now and the IT-world has become very familiar to me during this time. Our main criteria, when it comes to choosing team members, has always been the person him or herself rather than the number of years worked or technologies used in previous projects. Continuous expanding of our company has been a great challenge, but our current great and united team is the best possible reward for this effort.  Phone: +372 514 9166 E-mail: