What we’ve learned over the years is that people just do not wonder randomly to this page, instead there is a certain point in everyone’s career when ‘Join Us’ pages become interesting. Since you are here we assume that you have reached that point so let us get to know each other.

Finestmedia offers interesting challenges for talented people in the form of different projects and technologies. There are opportunities to contribute to the development of Estonia’s e-state, working on big e-commerce solutions or take part in exciting start-up projects. At the same time, our team is small enough for everyone to have an opportunity to get a word in and sense their role and contribution in each undertaking.

Real people

Big organizations get easily labelled as shallow and cold. That’s why everyone at Finestmedia contributes into building a culture that promotes personal growth. We do not expect you to blend in and lose your identity. We want you to become the best version of yourself and we believe that we have the organization where you can thrive.

Real impact

We know that whatever the position you are aiming at the job will sometimes get extra challenging and it is difficult to see further than the glow of your screen. The flip side of the challenge is that once you triumph over it you soon realize that the work we do will impacts millions of people.

Real benefits

What’s in it for you? You tell us! We are not going to talk about coffee, snacks and refreshments. We want to talk about what really matters to You! Whatever gives you the peace of mind makes you different. This helps us grow and design the benefit package around You and what really matters to You.

So if any of those points struck a chord then go ahead and klick Life@Finestmedia to contact us. Alternatively you can leave us your contact information and we will contact you instead.


Finestmedia have collaborated with Work in Estonia on various foreign recruitment campaigns. We participated in Career Hunt 2018 and 2019, and with help and support from EAS, have met and found top talents for complex IT positions.